SAT Prep Math Survival Guide


The SAT Prep Math Survival Guide consists of all of my best SAT math prep advice that I teach my students. It is available as a downloadable PDF for just $9.99.

Every student should read the information in this book before they begin their SAT preparation. Why not do it right from the start? In the long run the information in this book will save countless wasted hours, and will eliminate unwanted anxiety and frustration.

SAT prep tutors and other professionals should read the information in this book as well. I’ll bet there a few key points you can pick up in here that will make you even more successful with raising your students’ scores. Even if you are familiar with everything in the book, sometimes a simple reminder or fresh perspective can make you that much more effective.

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Be aware that this book does not contain SAT math problem sets or practice tests. If you are looking for SAT math workbooks or lesson guides please visit the Get 800 SAT books page.

So what is in this book? This book consists of advice for effective SAT prep, avoiding carelessness, and other ways of squeezing out some extra points. Here is the full table of contents:

SAT Prep Guide Table of Contents

  • What is an SAT Specific Math Strategy?

  • Overview of the Math Sections of the SAT

  • The Correct Way to Prepare for SAT Math

  • The Math Formulas You Should Memorize for the SAT

  • The Correct Way to Take the SAT

  • How Many Questions Should You Be Attempting in Each SAT Math Section?

  • Should You Go with Your First Instinct to Take Guesses in SAT Math?

  • Stop Making Careless Errors in SAT Math

  • Eliminating Test-taking Anxiety on the SAT

  • Stop Getting Those Last Few Hard SAT Math Questions Wrong

  • Should You Take a Prep Course for the SAT?

  • Using Your Time Efficiently to Raise Your SAT Math Score

My goal for this book was to give all of my best SAT prep advice at a low price. After you finish reading the book I would love to hear your feedback. Let me know if there are any specific questions you wish I would have answered.

Thank you all for your continued support!