Our Philosophy

GET 800 was created under the premise that effective education can be both engaging and efficient while avoiding the usual shortcomings that go along with generic preparation. Our targeted approach avoids the boredom, frustration, and inefficiency that students typically experience while preparing for standardized tests. We currently offer courses for the SAT, ACT, and AP Calculus exams. 

Who We Are

Get 800 was founded by Dr. Steve Warner in order to provide quality test prep to students of all skill levels. Dr. Warner’s credentials include the following:

• He has a Ph.D. in mathematics.

• He is a bestselling author of more than 20 test prep books.

• He has more than 15 years’ experience coaching students for standardized tests.

• He advises teachers and tutors in implementing and running an effective test prep course.

Today the company consists of several highly experienced educators who have worked for decades to maximize test results while minimizing their students’ time commitment.

SAT Course Description

Each student is placed into a small group according to his or her current mathematical skill level. Placement in SAT classes may be determined by the student’s PSAT score or a diagnostic SAT may be administered by GET 800 faculty. Coursework is then targeted specifically for the scores of students in each individual group, and the curriculum is designed to take each student to the next score level.

Course Features

Expert instruction – Classes are taught by instructors with expertise in both standardized test prep and the subject matter relevant to their field.

Exceptional course materials – Only College Board and GET 800 materials are used in the course.

Small group size – Groups consist of 4 to 8 students.

Targeted approach – Students are grouped by ability level and the course is taught accordingly.

Alternative Options

• If you are a student motivated to self prepare, then you can select the "Books Only" option.

•If you would like to take the course one-on-one in Manhattan or via Skype with Dr. Steve Warner as your instructor, select the Premium Package.

Books Only



Standard Course

$3000 ($100 refundable deposit)


Premium Package

$4999 ($200 deposit)




Dr. Steve Warner is a professional math tutor. His current rate is $375 per 45 minute session. Tutoring is available in Manhattan, and also via Skype for students that do not live in the area.

If you are a tutor or teacher that would like to use Dr. Warner’s SAT math teaching syllabus, you can download it here: Get 800 SAT Math Syllabus

Tutors across America, particularly in and around the East and West coasts are using Dr. Warner’s methods and books to help their students attain exceptional score increases on standardized tests.