• Nash From Virginia
    ALL Sat Math books

    September 12, 2018

    Dr. Warner is the BEST SAT MATH teacher in the WORLD. Many thanks. ... Read More

  • Joyce Kerr
    28 SAT Math Lessons - Advanced Course

    September 10, 2018

    I just wanted to say that your books and tips were really helpful; I achieved a perfect score on the sat math section. Prior to using your books, I was consistently scoring around 750-760, but your tips helped me eliminate my careless mistakes and gain a better understanding of all concepts.
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  • August
    New Sat Math Problems

    September 04, 2018

    I like best how Dr. Steve breaks down even simple math steps for weak math students which is mostly skipped in other books or classes - they assume that you already know them. Just buy a book(s) and ask him questions. It does help. ... Read More

  • Tien Phan
    Raleigh, NC
    28 SAT Math Lessons - Advanced Course

    August 08, 2018

    I came across your book and I absolutely LOVE it, especially the way you write and explain different problems different ways. This is the best math book I have used and I cannot thank you enough for it. ... Read More

  • Cynthia Kavanaugh
    28 SAT Math Lessons

    July 05, 2018

    This book is amazing! My daughter studied from this book 20 min a day for one month and improved her SAT Math score from 600 to 770. Because the format is easy to follow, she was able to make significant progress on a daily basis. Dr. Steve genuinely cares about helping students succeed. ... Read More

  • Srinivas
    28 New SAT Math Lessons

    July 03, 2018

    Have purchased these books for my Daughter. Due to organization and methodical presentation of the topics, difficulty level wise, multiple solutions, my daughter is so happy to spend more time on Dr. Steve's math lessons than any other books from popular publishers. The best Math material. Two thumbs up. ... Read More

  • Victoria Scott
    Orlando, Florida
    28 SAT Math Lessons – Intermediate Course

    June 11, 2018

    We just received my daughter’s June SAT scores. She used your book for 15 minutes each day for one month and her math score improved 110 points (from 580 to 690). Your strategies helped her to improve her speed and increase her confidence. ... Read More

  • Richard Carriero
    Middletown, New Jersey
    The 32 Most Effective SAT Math Strategies

    June 11, 2018

    I have had to teach SAT prep for 13 years to amass the combination of insights and strategies that are in this book. I’ve worked with math students who were dissatisfied after working with a math grad student or teacher and the reason is because such amateur tutors, while very intelligent, don’t understand the philosophy of the test and don’t know how to translate their own genius into points for their students. Steve Warner has bridged this gap seamlessly. This book blends must-know formulas like Triangle Inequality Theorem and the Percent Change formula with extremely powerful, yet little known, test prep subtleties. This book nails the basic philosophy of SAT Prep; it’s not about what you know or hard work–it’s about finding the fastest and easiest way to answer the question. ... Read More

  • Axlent, K
    Watsonville, CA
    28 New SAT Math Lessons - Advanced

    June 11, 2018

    I didn't even completely finish the book, but after doing twenty lessons, I was well trained for most of the questions on the actual test. The strategies in the book helped me to work faster and more accurate during the real test. I could not get a near-perfect SAT Math score without this book. Thanks Dr. Steve Warner![Note: final score was 790] ... Read More

  • Obito (Amazon Customer)
    28 SAT Math Lessons

    June 11, 2018

    Absolutely wonderful! It helped me get a perfect 800 on the Math section of the SAT on the May 2018 test. My initial math PSAT score was a 610 without studying in the 9th grade. I improved nearly 200 points! This book gave me more than my money's worth, and I can't recommend it enough! Thank you Dr. Steve Warner! ... Read More


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