Exponents and Logarithms


The following video is very useful for both the ACT and SAT.

Exponents - ACT and SAT Preparation

For more on exponents, check out the following pages:

Laws of Exponents

Level 5 Exponents Question with Solutions


This topic is tested on the ACT, but not on the SAT.

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Tutoring Discounts due to Amazon Disruption

Half Price on Tutoring

Unfortunately for authors and publishers (including myself), Amazon has made some major changes which are going to significantly hurt our revenue stream, thus making it very difficult for us to continue to fund new projects. Therefore, I am going to have to stop dedicating my time to writing new books.

The good news is that this is going to allow me to dedicate more time to working with students. Since I will be able to run more classes and take on more students, I am temporarily going to be offering a significant discount. When you send me an email with the code "Get800BlogDiscount" in the subject line, you will qualify for tutoring at half of my usual rate. So, I will...


Solving Linear Equations - Unicorn Puzzle Activity


This one is for the math teachers. Sticking with the unicorn theme, I just made a math activity for those of you teaching algebra.

This activity consists of 5 levels of problems all involving solving linear equations. Each level consists of 9 problems. Each problem comes with a puzzle piece, and the solution to the problem tells you where to place the piece. I prefer to have the students simply draw the piece in the appropriate place in the answer grid, but you can also have them paste the piece in. The final result is a unicorn head, as displayed on the cover above.

Problems start out with very simple equations and proceed to more difficult word problems that are consistent with the types of...


Scholarly Unicorn SAT Math Advanced Guide


Today I am thrilled to announce the release of The Scholarly Unicorn's SAT Math Advanced Guide with 1000 Problems and 48 Lessons. This book is the final result of my most ambitious project to date.

Click the following link to get to the book's Amazon page: Scholarly Unicorn SAT Math Book Amazon Page

If you would like to take a peek inside the book before making the purchase, use the following link to download the first lesson: Scholarly Unicorn SAT Math Advanced Guide Free Sample

Here is some information about the book:

1) The book contains 48 lessons, of which 36 cover new material and 12 review previous material.

2) Every math topic that has appeared on the SAT since March 2016 is covered in ...


New SAT Math Book with 1000 Problems - Coming Soon


Today I would like to introduce Uni the unicorn. Uni is the official mascot of my new SAT math book The Scholarly Unicorn's Advanced SAT Math Guide with 1000 Problems and 48 Lessons.

This book will be released very soon for half of its regular price, and the sale will last for about 24 hours.

To be added to the notification list, simply send an email to with "Notify me" written in the subject line.

You may ask why I have written yet another SAT math book when I already have so many. Here are a few of the reasons:

1) It has become clear to me that students and teachers want lots of problems. Well, this book has 1000. The topics and levels of the problems are all clearly l...


Proofreaders Wanted for New SAT Math Book


I'm planning to release a new SAT math book in about 1 month from now. This is my most ambitious project yet. The book will have 48 lessons with 500 problems, followed by 500 more problems in a workbook format. All together the book will contain 1000 SAT math problems with full explanations.

Today I am looking for volunteers to help me proofread the book. Proofreaders will be given just a very small portion of the book. The time commitment will be minimal. Unfortunately, I do not have a budget to offer anything of monetary value in return. I can offer only my gratitude, together with the fact that you will get a sneak preview of part of the book.

To qualify, you must be a US resident, English...


SAT Level 5 Heart of Algebra Problem with Solution

SAT Level 5 Heart of Algebra Problem with Solution

Today I would like to give you a difficult Heart of Algebra problem with a solution. Additional methods of solution will be provided in the next few days.

Level 5 Heart of Algebra

A worker earns $12 per hour for the first 40 hours he works in any given week, and $18 per hour for each hour above 40 that he works each week. If the worker saves 75% of his earnings each week, what is the least number of hours he must work in a week to save at least $441 for the week?

A) 6
B) 8
C) 46
D) 47

* Informal solution:
If $441 represents 75% of the worker’s earnings, then the worker’s total earnings is 441/0.75 = $588.

For the first 40 hours, the work...


HUGE Discount on Tutoring in December


For the month of December, I will be offering private math tutoring for just $175 per 45-minute session for readers of my blog. This is less than half of my usual rate of $375. The discounted rate applies for anyone that travels to me in Manhattan or for tutoring via live video. To set up an appointment or for more information, you can contact me at and include the code "Get800BlogDiscount" in the subject line.

What I tutor:



• SAT Math Subject Tests


• AP Calculus Exams

• Regents Preparation

• High School, Middle School, and Elementary School Mathematics

• Most Undergraduate Math Courses including Calculus, Real ...


28 ACT Math Lessons - Beginner Course - Coming Soon

28 ACT Math Lessons - Beginner Course - Coming Soon

The Beginner Course of 28 ACT Math Lessons to Improve Your Score in One Month will be released very soon for half of its regular price. The sale will last for about 24 hours once the book is released.

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Thank you all for your continued support!

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Improve Your Math Score by Teaching Math to Others

Improve Your Math Score by Teaching Math to Others

This week I would like to share an approach to improving your own math score on standardized tests such as the SAT and ACT by helping other students to improve their score. Every student I tutor is encouraged to pass along their knowledge to other students as there are many benefits for both students.

I believe that if you want to take yourself to the next level without too much effort, simply teach what you already know to someone else. Helping someone else to learn something new requires a much deeper understanding of the underlying material than simply having superficial knowledge of the subject matter. By engaging with someone else with ...