New SAT Math Book with 1000 Problems - Coming Soon


Today I would like to introduce Uni the unicorn. Uni is the official mascot of my new SAT math book The Scholarly Unicorn's Advanced SAT Math Guide with 1000 Problems and 48 Lessons.

This book will be released very soon for half of its regular price, and the sale will last for about 24 hours.

To be added to the notification list, simply send an email to with "Notify me" written in the subject line.

You may ask why I have written yet another SAT math book when I already have so many. Here are a few of the reasons:

1) It has become clear to me that students and teachers want lots of problems. Well, this book has 1000. The topics and levels of the problems are all clearly labeled making it very easy to find exactly what you need to improve.

2) This book is both a complete review guide AND an extended workbook. The first part of the book consists of 48 lessons. These lessons go through every math topic that can appear on the SAT while giving the reader the opportunity to practice with more than 500 problems. All concepts and strategies are covered along the way, and detailed explanations are given for every problem. The second part of the book is a workbook consisting of several large problem sets. Each problem set is organized by topic and difficulty level making it very easy to find exactly the problems you need to get past your sticking points.

3) The layout is more user friendly. I listened to your feedback and I think that both students and teachers will find this book very easy to navigate. The problems in the lessons are in grey boxes, making it easy to see where questions end and solutions begin. For the second half of the book, only the questions are given so that students won't be tempted to peek at answers before attempting the problems. But don't worry. Explanations for every problem in this book are included with the book's purchase. About 500 of the explanations are in the book itself and the rest you can download from my website at no additional charge.

4) I wanted to make a book that was just a little more fun. So, I added quirky titles and a friendly unicorn that pops up every now and then to emphasize important strategies and give additional tips. I hope that this makes your SAT prep just a little more pleasurable.

Thank you all for your continued support!