Special Offer – SAT Math Paperback Bundle


Many of our customers have been asking if it is possible to purchase several of our prep books in paperback for a discounted price. To meet this demand, we are pleased to introduce a special promotional package that includes seven of our SAT math prep books for the price of just $147. Shipping and all other fees are included in this price. By purchasing all seven of Dr. Steve Warner’s SAT math books as a bundle, you will save 30%, as compared to buying the books individually. The books included in this special promotion are:

• 28 New SAT Math Lessons – Beginner Course
• 28 New SAT Math Lessons – Intermediate Course
• 28 New SAT Math Lessons – Advanced Course
• 320 SAT Math Problems
• New SAT Math Problems
• 320 SAT Math Subject Test Problems – Level 1
• 320 SAT Math Subject Test Problems – Level 2

Note that if you were to buy each of these books separately the total price would be $209.93, plus taxes and possibly shipping. By purchasing the books here you will get all seven books in paperback for just $147. This is a 30% savings.

Due to the bulk discount on this special offer, all sales are final (no refunds).
Please allow up to 10 days for processing and shipping.

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For more information about these books click the following link: Get 800 SAT Math Paperback Bundle

This special offer provides the highest quality test prep materials at an affordable price. For one low price of $147 you will receive seven books containing a full arsenal of strategies, problems, and explanations. The author, Dr. Steve Warner, typically charges $500 per hour for private tutoring. For less than a third of the price of a single session, you will receive all 7 of his SAT math prep books for the current SAT and SAT math subject tests, which include all of the same strategies he teaches in private tutoring sessions. Invest in your future today and choose your college with Get 800’s prep book bundle.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact Dr. Steve Warner directly at

Thank you all for your continued support!